Monday, May 19, 2008

Grandpa & Grandma's - 5/14

Float in the pool...

Jump into the pool...

After the pool...

Disney Marketplace - Light Sabers - 5/13

This was the reason we came to the Disney Marketplace... we had heard that you could build your very own custom light saber!!!!! So we made it to the 'Once Upon A Toy' store, and got to work. It's actually pretty nifty. You get to choose various parts to customize your saber, including a crystal that sets the sounds it will make and the color of your blade!

I made one, Taipan made one, and Taisim made one. Even Karen made one, as I pointed out to her that she would need something to defend herself with.

Yuta's red saber

Taisim's purple saber

Taipan's blue saber

Karen's green saber

The Hsu Family Light Sabers

Disney Marketplace - Lego - 5/13

Next stop was the LEGO store! We all had fun running around and playing with the LEGOs they had out. Taipan loved the LEGO Star Wars sets, and had a blast with the bins of LEGO bricks in the walls. Me... I was admiring the Indiana Jones sets they had :)

Disney Marketplace - Princess - 5/13

We decided to venture down to the Downtown Disney Marketplace, a sprawling outdoor market filled with fun stuff... we were walking by the World of Disney store, and of course there were Princesses by the entrance. Well, Taisim being a self-proclaimed Princess herself just HAD to stop...

And of course, the first section you walk into is the Princess section, replete with everything any of the Disney Princesses could ask for... especially dresses! Taisim's favorite was the Snow White dress, complete with a red-bow headband.

First Day in Daytona - 5/10

Our first day in Florida consisted of relaxing and having fun out by the pool...

out on our balcony...

and in by the mini golf...

Leaving on a Jet Plane - 5/09

Time for our trip to Florida! This time around, everyone got a suitcase...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Aquarium Babies?!?

In keeping with the Spring/growth theme, it seems we have some fish fry (baby fish) and a baby snail! One fry is definitely from our gold twin-bar platy, as it has twin-bar markings. The other fry looks red, so it may be from our red-wag platy. The snail, on the other hand, can't be offspring from our golden apple snail since it's a completely different color, and the shell is a different shape. I believe it's a tadpole/ramhorn snail, and it hatched from an egg that was attached to our snail (who is still named Schmeepy, by the way).

Golden Schmeepy!

Baby snail... teeny tiny, eh?

Fish Fry!