Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kalahari & Moving

Last week we had planned to spend a week at Kalahari in Sandusky, the world's (or maybe the country's) largest indoor waterpark, as part of the first annual Unschooler's Winter Waterpark Gathering (UWWG).

We went last Monday, and before we even got there Taipan wanted to come home. He changed his mind for a bit after we got there and he got excited about some of the things to do there. There's a huge arcade and a great climbing/play structure, and candy and ice cream, and UWWG had a craft room set up. He was not interested in the waterpark. And he always came back to me saying he wanted to go home.

Our original plans were to stay until Friday. We came home early Wednesday morning - it seemed to be what Taipan needed, and I figured I could help Yuta with packing and moving. Yuta got so much moving done early last week that we decided to move to our new house last Saturday, instead of waiting until Feb 2nd, which was our original plan.

We're living amongst a bunch of boxes still, but we're settled in fairly well given that we've only been here a few days. Our painter is finishing up the laundry room right now, then he'll just have minor touch ups and he'll be done. I love love love some of the colors we picked. My favorites are a color called Serape, which we put in my office and a color called Aqua-Sphere, which we put in our laundry room.

Our goal is to have the house in shape enough for us to feel comfortable hosting a small get together on Feb 9th. We'll be celebrating Taisim's 2nd birthday and our new house!

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