Monday, July 7, 2008

7 years

Today is our seventh anniversary.

Yuta got me a new laptop (yippee!!), and put this on the desktop (and about an hour ago he brought a vase of flowers into my office):

Later this week we're going to Chicago - my Nonna's 95th birthday is on Sunday, and we're having a birthday lunch on Saturday. All of her living descendants will be there, which will be cool. Among the folks we'll see are some cousins that we haven't seen since our wedding, and one of my aunts who hasn't met my kids yet. It should be fun. Taipan and Taisim will be thrilled to see Jason and Elyse!


Dino Paulesc said...

So what kind of laptop did Yuta get you. Do tell.

kcbhsu said...

It's a MacBook - not sure about any of the other details.

To me it looks a lot like Nat's, but Yuta would have to tell you the specifics :-)

yuta said...

Macbook 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo (Penryn)
120GB HD
Combo drive

I was never sure about the glossy screen, but it has better contrast than my MBP's matte screen. I do like the weight and size vs. my MBP too, but I can't give up the backlit keyboard :)