Friday, June 19, 2009

New weapons and smoke bombs

One of Taipan's favorite things is the pool noodle light sabers that we made about a year and a half ago. They've not only been light sabers, but also staffs and swords. They're getting quite floppy, and the duct tape on some of them is creasing and tearing, so I picked up a few more noodles not too long ago.

Last weekend we found green & purple duct tape and made a new purple and a new green light saber for Taipan, and also ones that are all silver to use as Wolverine's long claws. I think every day over the past week we've been outside battling.

Taipan with some of the new weapons (the purple w. the green handle is one we made for Simi), and the second picture here is Yuta after being stabbed, and Taipan on the ground with what I think is the weapon he took from Yuta after stabbing him.

During a break from battling we brought out some smoke bombs I got from the 4th of July display at the grocery store - they were a hit! I'm going to buy more before they're gone from the stores. The cool thing is that just that morning Taipan and I watched some jets w. red, white and blue smoke doing a fly-over for the queen's 80th birthday celebration in England, and then we had our own red, white and blue smoke in our driveway:

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