Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Painting ... all weekend

Late Friday night Simi said she wanted to paint ... and I mean very late ... too late for either me or Yuta to want to bring paints out, so we told her we'd do it the next morning. First thing Saturday morning, before anything else, she said she was ready to paint, so she got to it, joined by Taipan. We have large rolls of paper that we can put on our kitchen table, and we had paper and paints going sitting out nearly continuously. Not until we had company over on Monday were they ready to put them away. And even then Taisim wanted to paint, but on smaller paper so she could give her pictures away.

Here are just a few pictures of the painting - they used many brushes, fingers and hands. This was the first time that they dipped brushes straight into bottles of paint, and it is now the preferred method around here (for me too - much easier clean up).

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~K~ said...

Karl has been doing a lot of painting lately too. Loads of fun and so many different colors to experience. Loved seeing your kids into keeping it out for long periods. I have room (little sun porch) for that purpose. Unfortunately it has no air. But we still use it occasionally.