Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

My mom came to visit us for the long weekend. She got here on Thursday evening, and left Memorial Day weekend. She got a little bit of snuggle time with Taiko and a lot of play time with Taipan and Taisim. And she also helped us pretty up our front yard by planting flowers for us. Thanks, Mom!

For Christmas Mom had given Taipan a tin can robot kit. We hadn't put it together yet, and Taipan brought it out a few days before my mom got here, so we decided to wait until she was here and put it together during her visit.

As soon as we took it out of the box it was pretty clear that this was a project for Yuta. The kids enjoyed watching for a while, and Taipan thought it was pretty cool to play with, and it now sits with the rest of his robot collection.

Taisim and Grammy made one of Taipan's favorite meals - Grammy's noodles (egg noodles with soup, sour cream & bread crumbs ... and optional chicken). We actually made three batches of this over the long weekend.

Mom taking a break from planting flowers:

Yuta's sister Yuli and her husband Keith were also in town over the weekend. The came to visit on Saturday and Sunday. They brought the kids Pumpinators and clip clop stilts (not sure what the offical name of these are, but they're in the picture below). The Pumpinators are a ton of fun - they do air balloons and water balloons. The water balloons in particular have been a big hit.

We have more family coming next weekend - my dad and stepmom - and then Ling will be here the middle of the following week. We're so happy for family visits.

Yuli and Taisim:

Kids with stilts:

Simi and Taipan joining me and Taiko on the big red chair:

Yuli and Taiko on Sunday:

Cute baby pic:

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