Monday, August 4, 2008

Last week

I spent a couple of days last week on a business trip to Atlanta. For me the trip was ok (two nights of insomnia), and the kids and Yuta seemed to have a great time. I think I've been away from them three times now over the past seven months, and this was the first time I've left and had both kids cheerfully say good-bye (vs. one or both being sad or upset).

The night before I left for Atlanta I came across some glow sticks in our pantry and the kids and I went outside to play with them as soon as it got dark. We also heard some fireworks that someone was doing nearby - we saw one firework, but the others were too low for us to see from our house.

Before I left for Atlanta I ordered a fruit bouquet to come for the kids and Yuta was out of town. I wanted for them to have a surprise, and also maybe help Yuta out by sending fresh, ready to eat fruit. Yuta took the pictures below and sent them to me - I really appreciated getting the pics while I was out of town. Even Cooper was interested!

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