Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Late Shift

Well, we're back on the late shift this week. I'm not quite sure how the transition started, but the kids are sleeping in and staying up super-late. What surprises me is Taisim - the girl has new-found late night energy. It's actually kind of fun being up in the middle of the night with them - they've been having a lot of fun playing with each other, but it's starting to wear on me. I've been sleeping in later than usual, but I still feel too tired to be much fun in the wee hours of the morning. As I type this Yuta, Taipan & Taisim are snuggled in bed still (it's almost noon).

This week has been pretty low key though. We went to the park after I got off work on both Monday & Tuesday. It was just about dark when we got back home on Tuesday (Yuta was working), and the kids and I played in the driveway for a bit, until I started noticing the mosquitos, then we came inside.

Here are some pics from our driveway play:

Last night Yuta went to a fantasy football draft, and the kids and I stayed in. Taisim napped from 7-9:30pm, and Taipan fell asleep around 8:45pm... only to wake up ready to play at 11:30pm! So you can imagine how late, or shall I say early, we were up. The kids were very interested in our game closet ... grab one, play it for about 15 mins, then go back for another, and another and another. Balloon Lagoon has been a favorite lately, as has Pretty Pretty Princess.

We have plans to go to Cedar Point today, but that hinges on how late everyone sleeps, and the weather (I have no interest in going to an amusement park in the rain).

Off to work...

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