Thursday, January 1, 2009

Playing on 12/28/08

Taipan had two new computer games in his stocking - one was an Incredible Machines game, and the other was Zoombini's Logical Journey.  We were all anxious to checkout the Incredible Machines game ... and we quickly realized that there are not many similarities between it and the one we have.  Both Taipan and I were expecting something different, and he didn't seem to enjoy it too much, and quickly tired of it.  And he hasn't asked for it sense Christmas Day - I think we'll stash it away for a while and bring it out in a year or so.

The Zoombinis game, on the other hand, is a big hit.  We are all enjoying it.  And we even played a game of "Zoombini Duck Duck Goose", where we had to state which zoombini characteristics we had.  If you had skates, you had to skate as you were being chased, etc.

Both kids really enjoy creating the Zoombinis at the beginning of the game.  It's a great game for us all to do together.  

The instruments in the photos below are not new, but they formed another band, and I wanted to get some pictures of it.  They chose a guitar and the accordion this time so they could be like Jack and Mary from Jack's Big Music Show.

Lastly, a nice shot of Taisim with her new hat.  She loves it - it's not only a hat, but it's served as a popcorn bowl (with pretend popcorn, not real), and a swimming pool for one of her dolls.

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