Thursday, January 1, 2009

A warm day in December

The Saturday after Christmas we had an unusually warm day here - it hit almost 60!  It was a very nice surprise.  Taipan slept most of the day, and while he and Yuta were sleeping, Taisim and I played on the swingset for a bit and ran around the yard.

A couple of hours after Taipan woke up the sun came out, and it was just like a spring day.  The morning had been very overcast and windy, but for an hour in the afternoon it was just beautiful.  So we decided to go outside and play with our new balls - the soccer ball was a gift Taipan had wanted for his birthday, and the basketball is a gift he wanted for Christmas.  

The kids through the balls down the driveway and then chase them ... Yuta or I are stationed at the bottom of the driveway to kick the balls back up if they're not caught before they get to the bottom.

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