Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

Even though I've titled this post "valentine's day", we didn't do a whole lot around the holiday.  We gave each of the kids some chocolate and told them how much we love them ... but that's an every day occurrence around here :-)

Anyway, Yuta was working, so the kids and I played at home all day.  We were invited to a friends' house, but we declined.   When Yuta got home from work around 7:30 I ran out to the store to get some errands done so that I could have all day Sunday to hang out at the house and not rush around.

A while back we picked up Doodle Tops at the thrift store - tops that are pens and make spirals and such.  We bring them out every few weeks - this weekend Taisim had fun with them, along with the cat.  I didn't get a good photo with Cooper, but he loved batting them around the table.

While we were doing this, Taipan had been playing Lord of the Rings on the XBox, and right about the time Taisim & I finished up, Taipan was ready for a battle.  This picture is pre-battle smiles!

I was trying to get a shot of Taipan battling, and Taisim wanted to get in the picture and smile, so here she is smiling, and Taipan is behind her with either a sword or a staff (some of our pool noodles are staffs now).  And the next one is Taipan being an archer .... we use our nerf guns as bows.

Mid-battle Taisim decided to play with Barbies, and then she wanted to be a pricess with her tiara, wand and shoes:

Princess Taisim hiding from her attacker, and Taipan poised to attack:

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