Thursday, February 12, 2009

Taisim is 3

Our original plan for Taisim's birthday was to go to Chuck E Cheese with some friends, however we ended up not going because Taipan was sick (he's better now).  Fortunately it didn't damper anyone's spirits, and we had a great day.

In the late morning we did gifts, and then Yuta and Taisim went to pick up the cake.  She had requested a princess cake, and one with a  castle if possible.  I looked up some ideas for how to do a castle cake on my own, but the thought of it was too daunting.  Instead we went to the grocery store, and she picked a princess cake from the book.  She was so happy to have that cake, and we now have three new princesses to add to our collection.  And you'll see in the pictures below that Taisim graciously allowed Taipan to help her blow the candles.

Later in the afternoon Ama and Akon stopped by with birthday wishes.  Taisim and Taipan were happy to see them, though right around that time Taisim fell asleep, so her time with them was pretty short.

I love love love my kids' birthdays.  I appreciate and enjoy them every day, but I like having a whole day where it's foremost in my mind how important their presence is in my life.

On to the pictures:

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