Monday, March 9, 2009

Hopscotch and other fun

I decided to take Friday off of work ... I've had a lot of long days lately, and wanted to have some extra time with Taipan & Taisim. As luck would have it, it was a warm day. A bit overcast and windy, but not cold. So around noon the kids and I went to the park - it was so nice to be there after so many months!

Here they are at a picnic table, eating some of the many snacks we brought with us. In the first picture Taisim is helping get Taipan's hair our of his eyes, which was sweet.

After the park we stopped at the library to pick up a DVD we had on hold, and stayed there to play for about 30 mins, and then some friends were waiting for us in our neighborhood (they beat us there by about 10 mins). We did a lot of "adventure" sword and pirate play that afternon, but we also did a bit of hopscotch, and that's what I caught pictures of.

We ended up with three hopscotch ... um, boards? areas? ... anyway, our routine is to draw them, and then deocrate each of the squares. Here's the first hopscotch, before I decorated the squares:

And here's the third one (again before we decorated the boxes) - Taipan helped me draw this one. The "8" is intentionally a sideways rectangle, and when you jump on that one you're supposed to jump sideways.

The rain washed them away already .... but we're already talking about doing more once it's drier (and warmer again).

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