Monday, March 9, 2009

How does your garden grow?

On Saturday night Taipan and I went to Target, and while we were there we saw flower headbands in the dollar section. We decided to get a couple. When we got home, we spent an hour or two playing with them.

Here are the kids (and me) trying on the headbands:

Then Taisim had an idea of growing flowers, so we all took turns being the gardener and the flowers. We used a pool noodle light saber as our shovel, and as soon as a hole was dug by the gardener, the flower got into the hole with their seed (the ball is the seed).

Here's Yuta getting ready to be planted, and then Taisim watering him, and giving him some sunlight (the olive pillow is the sun), and finally our beautiful Papa-flower is blooming (I think that pic looks a bit like the statue of liberty too):

Now it's Yuta's turn to be the gardener, and Taisim is the flower:

Taipan wanted to be our photographer and videographer while we were growing flowers. He took some of the ones above, and also had fun taking pictures with Yuta's iPhone. I did grab him for a mother-son picture:

Two great pictures of Yuta and Taisim:

And this is one of the pictures taken by Taipan - we've got about five of these where he took a picture of himself, and Yuta jumped in a couple:


Sandra Dodd said...

That second Yuta and Taisim photo is beautiful!

Elyse! said...

LOL! So Cute!