Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Upside down and tulips

Two more from Saturday ....

we read some books when we woke up on Saturday - about five books, in sequence about four or five times. One of them was Silly Sally
and a couple were Sandra Boynton books.

After a while we all tried to walk backwards upside down (like Silly Sally). Taipan and I managed to do the backwards part, and Taisim managed to do the upside down part.

She's been doing this upside down on the couch and ottomans multiple times a day since Saturday:

I love fresh flowers, but don't have them often - the cost and the cat are mostly why. But on Saturday night at the grocery store Taisim and I dedcided to get some tulips. I love having them around. Taipan likes them too, and it's been fun watching them open up.

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