Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quick update from NY

Today is our last day in NY/CT. We had a great time in Brooklyn over the weekend with Aunties & Uncle - we got to see momofuku (where Ling works) and lululemon (where both Ling & Yuli work). Next time we'll need to see where Keith works :-) We also went to the NY Transit Museum, which was really cool. Get this.... they have old subway cars that have fans in them. Taipan was in heaven. Trains and fans together! Of course the fans didn't move, but I held him up so he could spin them with his hand. I learned my lesson pretty quickly there - the blades were so so so dirty, so we only did that once.

On Sunday we drove up to Danbury and had a relaxing afternoon in our hotel, and then Monday I was up at 5:30 to get ready and be at the office by 7. So this meant Yuta was also up around 5:30. The kids slept until 7, and then Yuta took them to run around at the mall. Apparently the kids were pretty fascinated by the carousel.

So... why no pictures of all these fabulous things? Well, the camera is in Ohio. Yuta put it in my purse, because I always have my purse. Well, not this time. I planned to leave it at home since I had both my briefcase and the kids' bag to bring on the plane. I didn't realize he'd dropped it into my purse until we were on our way to the airport.

Yuta picked up a disposal camera late yesterday, so we should see some pictures of today's adventure, but who knows how long it'll take us to get them developed.


Raluca said...

See that iPhone would have come in handy :-) Dino made me say that.

kcbhsu said...

Um, Yuta hadn't thought of that argument yet. Thanks a lot. More ammo.