Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Adventure

Today was a fun-filled day! I asked what Taipan wanted to do today, and the first thing out of his mouth, without hesitation, was "go to the park by our house!" Not an answer I was expecting, but a worthwhile one nevertheless. With the torrential downpours we've been having over the past week, I was concerned about wet slides and mud, so we were prepared with towels and a change of clothes for both kiddos. It was all for naught, as when we arrived at the park, not only was it deserted, but it was also quite dry... so we spent a good hour at the park climbing and sliding... Taisim even walked up the big swirly slide on her own!

After the park, our next stop was the bookstore by the Apple Store... meaning Joseph Banks in Legacy Village. They have a large children's area with a wooden train table and plenty of trains, so it's no wonder that came up. It was there we found some enlightening rubber duckys, that wound up coming home with us.

We then went to the Apple Store where Taipan made a bee-line for the iPhones. This was our first visit since the renovation of the store, so we were a little surprised at the new layout. Unfortunately for us, there are no longer iPhones next to the kid's table, so Taipan was torn. He ended up checking out the iPods and the headphones, and so did Taisim!

Taipan was dancing...

and said he liked this song...

After the Apple Store, we headed home, with a stop by Starbucks and Steak 'n Shake for some refreshments. Adventure!

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