Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Taisim!

Taisim is two today, and we've had a pretty great day. I was looking at a picture taken on her first birthday, and boy, has she grown up a lot in the past year.

She woke up just in time to take Grammy and Uncle Chris to the airport, then we met up with Yuta's sisters at the mall and played for a bit. After that we went to PetSmart to get that aquarium I wanted. We got a
12 gallon tank and two dalmation mollies, two mickey mouse platys, an algae eater and a snail. The snail (named Schmeepy) is far and away the star attraction. Taipan says we have a snail tank. The original plan was to set it up on top of a shelf in our downstairs playroom, and then Taipan pointed out that it wasn't low enough. He could see them if he was standing, but not if he was sitting, and Taisim would have had a hard time seeing them either way. So they're in the upstairs playroom instead.

After the tank was set up the kids and I spent the rest of the evening playing. Taisim has spent a lot of time with some of her new toys (Belle, music box, stickers, castle, princess book), and hanging out with Taipan.

Our party last night was nice - it was great to have so many of our friends and family celebrate with us. My mom was was awesome in helping get ready for it, and my brother did most of the clean up. I'm grateful to both of them!

I'll be posting pictures in a separate entry sometime over the next couple of days.

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