Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's Party Time (almost)

Tomorrow we're having a combination housewarming/second birthday party (Taisim turns 2 on Sunday). We're feeling pretty settled in and less stressed than I expected about having a party so soon after moving in. That's not to say that there weren't stressful moments along the way. Yuta's been fabulous with helping reduce my stress and getting the townhouse ready to sell. I think it'll be on the market next week. Let us know if you're interested ;-)

My mom and brother are here. Auntie Ling is in town, but at my in-laws', and Auntie Yuli & Uncle Keith will be here tomorrow. We're going to have a great family weekend. It's really great to have my mom and brother with us - the kids are really enjoying their company. We all watched High School Musical 2 tonight, followed by Star Wars Episode I, and at the same time I made the birthday cake. Maybe I should have been making popcorn as well.

Speaking of Star Wars, Taipan has watched Episode I about 3-4 times now. He looks forward to the parts he recognizes as chapters from the Lego Star Wars game. We tried to watch Episode III with him, but he prefers Episode I. It might be because it has Qui Gon in it.

The kids slept until 1pm today, so we're all still awake now. Taisim will probably be sleeping within the next hour or so, and I hope Taipan follows soon after. I want to get up early to run to the store. Amongst everything we have going on, I'm obsessed with getting an aquarium. I have the perfect spot for it, and can't quit thinking about getting one. No, don't really need to spend money on it now, and I have lots of other things to get done tomorrow... but I'm hoping one of them is to get an aquarium.

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