Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Yuta!

Yuta turned 37 yesterday.  It was a low-key celebration with the four of us.  Yuta requested a steak dinner, which we made at home rather late in the evening.  Then we at our yummy Nutter Butter Pecan ice cream cake.

The kids enjoyed lighting and blowing out the candles, and lighting the candles and blowing them out again and again and again.  

Taipan wanted to learn how to use the lighter, and we showed him - his hands aren't quite strong enough to push the button down and pull the trigger at the same time, so I'd push the button and he'd pull the trigger (with some help).  Eventually he wanted to light the fireplace.... I was helping with the lighter and we both jumped at the whoosh of the fire starting (it's a gas fireplace).

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