Monday, March 3, 2008

Water guns & our snowman

I bought a pack of four squirt guns at Target earlier this week, and brought them out last night for bath time. Taisim and I played with them in the bath, while Taipan stood outside the tub and sprayed us. I had told the kids that the water guns were for sinks, tubs & outside.

Fast forward to around 11pm when Yuta came home from work. Taipan showed him the water guns (and how when he carried two around he looked like Jango Fett), and then wanted to "get him!". I suggested we go in the bathroom. Nope, they didn't want that. Taipan said, "Let's go outside."

I figured it'd be a very quick trip out and back in - the kids have not wanted to be outside at all this winter - very cold weather and snow averse. So they got their shoes & jackets on and out we went. Last night was pretty warm, and they were excited about the guns, and would have stayed out there for hours.

And I might have been ok with that if it were earlier and I wasn't worried that their squealing and laughing would disturb our sleeping neighbors, and if I wasn't so cold myself (I was tired, and I tend to get cold easily when I'm tired). They reluctantly came inside, while Yuta and I assured them that we could go outside in the morning.

After Taisim woke up this morning, they wanted to go out again, though not with the guns - they wanted to build a snowman. We had about 6-8 inches of snow last week, and it began melting over the weekend, and most of it is gone now. You can see what was left on the ground this morning, along with our icy snowman.

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Sandra Dodd said...

If you have a photo of the kids playing with the guns (or posing), I could add it to my PEACEFUL KIDS WITH TOY GUNS gallery at the bottom of this page: