Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lite Brite & Party time

I came to the blog to post some pictures from our weekend, and realized that the photos are still on the camera, and I couldn't find the cable on Yuta's desk to download them. So those will wait until later in the week.

I did come a cross a few other pictures that were never put up.

Right around the time that we were doing the volcano, we also got Lite Brites. When I was younger I loved loved loved my Lite Brite. I can remember sitting in a semi-dark spot on the bottom bunk and spending lots of time with it. The kids both enjoy them. Taipan very much likes to follow the patterns with the exact colors, and isn't much into free form play on them. Taisim just likes putting the pegs in. We also took a photo of each completed design.

Two weekends ago we were invited to a birthday party. Taipan preferred to stay home, while Taisim and Yuta represented our family. This picture is earlier in the day, getting ready for the grocery store.

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