Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Our Thanksgiving got off to an early start - we were all up by 8am, which is very unusual for my family, especially on a weekend or holiday!  Thanksgiving dinner was at my in-laws' at 6:30/7pm, so we had just about the entire day to hang out with Mom.

Taipan showed Grammy the ropes on Halo 3 for a bit - she caught on fairly quickly, and Taipan had a great time playing with her.  After gaming for a bit and eating breakfast, we decided to decorate two Christmas cookie jars that mom brought for the kids.  Here they are decorating:

And here are the finished products:

Around noontime Yuta went outside to start hanging up outdoor Christmas lights, so we decided to bundle up and go out for a while too.  I didn't ask my mom how long it had been since her last snowball fight, but I'm willing to bet it was at least 25 years ago.  She was a good sport with helping the kids make snowballs and being a target.

Yuta spent the majority of the afternoon hanging lights, and putting up our outdoor decorations, while Mom and I stayed warm and cozy inside.  Yuta said he wasn't cold though, so I guess the constant movement kept him warm.

My mom brought two great hidden picutre books for the kids too.  They're kind of like I Spy books, but we all seem to like them better.  I don't remember the names of them, but one is Halloween themed and one is Christmas themed, and there quite a few silly things on each page, and mom, Taipan and Taisim enjoyed pointing out the silly things (e.g. houses with faces, or a man wearing ten hats) as much as they liked looking for the hidden items.  On Thursday afternoon they spent over an hour piled into the recliner and looking at the books:

We left our house around 5:00 to head out to the Christmas tree sale at Michaels, and then to my in-laws' for dinner.  Both kids fell asleep before we got to Michaels, so mom and I went it, bought a tree, some extra lights and a few other things before heading to dinner.

The kids were a bit groggy when we got to dinner, and were not feeling very social.  I went upstairs and played with them while the rest of the family started dinner.  Fortunately my mom felt comfortable enough to sit with the family without me - I trusted that Yuta would help her out of any social awkwardness if it arose :-)  We eventually made our way downstairs, but opted out of sitting at the formal dining table, and instead ate in the kitchen where it was a bit more quiet and less intimidating.  After getting some food, they had a great time playing with auties and uncle.  It was around 10 p.m. by the time we left and headed home.

Once home I was eager to see our new tree, so we put it up.  The tree has pre-lit white lights, which I love, but Taipan prefers multi-colored lights, so since the tree had only white lights I bought multi-colored lights to add to it.  The ones I bought at Michael's didn't work (not enough), and they didn't twinkle, so I bought some at CVS on Friday morning, and those didn't work (none of the green ones lit up, and even though the box showed six colors, the strands only had blue, green and red), so on Saturday we went to Target and I got the lights that we needed!

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