Saturday, November 1, 2008


This year we skipped our friend's annual Halloween party and opted to trick or treat in our neighborhood. This was the third Halloween in Ohio and it's the first time we've been at our house for it.

Originally Taipan was going to be a superhero, but a week or two ago we were in a store, and he decided he'd rather be a firefighter. Taisim wanted to be a princess (a barefoot one too - she opted for no shoes). The weather was beautiful too.

Here they are dressed up, ready to go and out the door trick or treating:

These are the pumpkins Yuta and I carved - mine is the one from Wednesday night, and Yuta did his yesterday. The skull is still lit up - we had a pretty large candle in it, and it's still burning. It's a jar candle, so it's protected from the wind:

At home checking out the candy. They sampled a few different candies, and now the rest is sitting in bowls in our living room.

A house about a block away from us had great outdoor decorations and props - lots of sound and motion activated stuff, plus some cool ghosts, and the owners had neat costumes on. Taipan stood in front of their house checking out the decorations for about 15 minutes. Then he came home for a bit and asked to walk back down there to look at them again, so we went back, and Yuta chatted with the neighbor, and Taisim got cold so we came back home, and Taipan clapped and made the decorations move. By the end of the evening we all agreed that next year we'd like to have some cool outdoor decorations, so this morning Taipan and I went out to hit the 50% off sales.

This is what we came back with (all for about $40) - the guy with the white hair changes from a man to a phantom, and the last picture is of Taipan making lots of noise with the drums in order to activate the props:

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