Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ornaments, cookies, tree

I'm finally around to posting the rest of our ornament making.

Kids painting, and ornaments after paint:

They asked me more than once if the cookies were ready to be eaten, referring to the ornaments.  After the second or third time they mentioned eating them, I decided to make cookies too, so while the paint was drying on the ornaments we made some sugar cookies.  Since it was spur of the moment, I didn't have anything on hand to decorate them with, so we used the icing we had in our cabinets:

Here's our plateful of cookies - I've got about half of them in the freezer, and ended up freezing some dough too.  I tried a new recipe, and it was great, and made quite a few cookies.

Back to the ornaments - I used a sparkle glaze, and the finished product is really nice.  Kind of iridescent.  I don't think the pictures do them justice:

Finally, after much patience, they are finally dry and ready to put on the tree:

And here's our tree - the 3rd one we put up this year, with the 3rd set of multi-colored lights we bought.  We left off most of our breakable ornaments, as Cooper is having a good time climbing the tree and batting ornaments around.  We can't get our star to stay on top.  We got a new star this year, and it's too heavy for the top of the tree, even when we bend the top branch over to make it more sturdy.  We may try to rig something up, or just leave it star-less this year.

I love it, and surprisingly I don't miss my old favorite ornaments as much as I thought I would.  We've got a good number of ornaments we've made the past three Christmases, and those hold new precious memories for me.

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Anonymous said...

The ornaments look great! I love the tree,too!LOVE,ELYSE