Saturday, December 6, 2008


Mom and I considered going to the Rainforest last weekend, but ended up not going.  I had the idea in my head though as a good cold-weather place to go, and today was certainly cold, so I took the kids for a couple hours this afternoon.

It was not very crowded at all, and almost all of the animals were active and visible, which was nice.  Our Rainforest is pretty cool - there's a huge waterfall right when you walk in, and then some trees and plants with misters that startled all of us!  There are also a ton of vines, and that's something the kids have seen quite a bit on video, but never in person, so that was cool.  

The orangutans were especially fun today - there was a huge male that was sitting on the ground leaning on the glass nibbling on a branch.  He was bigger than Taipan and Taisim.  There were also some other monkeys that spent some time right in front of us.  That was upstairs, along with a sloth, some black & white squirrels, tamarins, lots of turtles.  On the first floor were lots of reptiles, and we breezed through that section, and went back to do the upstairs section two more times.

I've got some photos from my phone that I'll upload later (I mistakenly left the camera home today).

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