Monday, December 22, 2008

Ready for Christmas

We're all set for the holidays - we have a countdown going and everything.  We didn't do an advent calendar, but ever since my dad and sister's gifts arrived the kids have been asking how long until Christmas.  Taisim has even decided which dress she wants to wear (she happens to be wearing it now - didn't want to wait until Christmas Day to put it on, so we will probably end up with a new choice by Thursday).

Last week I hosted a small holiday gathering with some friends from a homeschool group that we're in.  It was really nice - I got to use a lot of my holiday serving dishes, and I really enjoy the company of all of the women that came.  Yuta took the kids out for a bit so I could host and chat without interruption for a few hours, and I really appreciate his doing that.  Our lasts guests were here until after midnight, so I think they enjoyed chatting too.

I think our Christmas will be nice and calm.  On Christmas Eve we're going to my in-laws' house, and one of my SIL's will be there.  My other sister-in-law and her husband will get to Ohio sometime on Christmas Day, and we're hoping that everyone will come here for Christmas dinner.  I'm planning to carry on the Christmas lasagna tradition that my mom started many years ago.  I've also baked two batches of my Nonna's zucchini bread - gave a couple loaves as gifts, served one at the party last week, and have another two loaves for Christmas and New Year's.

I've got Wednesday & Thursday off work.  I don't really know if I've also got Friday off or not.  I'm guessing yes ... we don't really have any plans, so it won't be awful if I need to log in for a bit, but I like the idea of having a long five-day weekend.  By a stroke of luck Yuta has Wednesday and Friday off too, so he'll we don't have to work around either of our work schedules this holiday.  Yippee!  He does work on Saturday, but just for a few hours.  And as I'm typing this I just remembered my big plan for Friday - shopping for Christmas decorations.  We got such great deals when we shopped for Halloween decorations on Nov 1, that I want to try my luck again and look for a couple of very specific things on Friday.  I think I'm going to try Old Time Pottery first, and then maybe Michael's or Target.  I'll need to look at the opening hours and make a plan!

Safe travels to all of our friends and family that are traveling this week.  And to our family in Florida - we miss you and are thinking of you.

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