Tuesday, June 12, 2007

America's roller coast!

The kids had their first trip to Cedar Point this yesterday. I can't believe that Taipan had to spend three and a half years of his life having never been there. Haha.

The kids *really* loved it. Taipan's love of trains took an extension to roller coasters about a year ago when we went to Kennywood, and he has seen videos of the Cedar Point roller coasters (Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Magnum & Millennium Force) on our computer. He knew that we were going to see the roller coasters when his auntie got here, and had been talking about it for a couple of weeks. He loved watching them. And he actually rode Jr. Gemini - his first coaster!

Both of the kids rode the rides with cars on tracks quite a few times. It didn't occur to me that Taisim would be able to ride on them, but when Taipan was getting on the first one, she took off after him, so I asked the operator if she was big enough and they said "yep!". Taisim even rode two rides without Taipan. She has no fear about those things.

Neither one of them ever looked terribly excited or happy while on the ride, but after the rides were over neither one could wait to get on again.

Taipan's favorite thing was to watch Top Thrill Dragster. Taisim loved everything equally.

Yuta and his sister got to ride Maverick and Millennium Force too. The only ride I did was the kiddie 4x4, which was enough for me. And we got yummy corn dogs and kiwi slushies, which are actually quite good.

Cedar Point rocks!


Keith said...

I'm sorry we missed the trip! Do you have any pictures? How was the food - did anybody have any favorites?

Linda said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time! Start them young!

kcbhsu said...

Pics are up now... we're faster at typing the entries than we are at loading pics.

Well, the kids didn't have much park food - a little bit of Yuta's chicken basket w. fries, and the kiwi slushie. We brought our own snacks. But they didn't really eat much - too much other fun to be had.

Tim said...

Went to Cedar Point a few years ago... Millenium Force was awesome. While waiting in line, I was terrified... ok, for half the ride I was terrified... but when it was done I couldn't wait to ride again.

I bet a full day at Cedar Point tired the kids out, and bedtime wasn't an issue that night!