Friday, June 22, 2007

Humpty Dumpty (and last night in general)

Last Saturday my in-laws were going to come over and bring dinner. I think the last time that happened was the night we colored eggs with them around Easter, and Taipan remembers that too, because when I told him that Ama and Akon were coming he said, "After dinner we can clear the table and color Easter eggs!" Well, as it turns out I had an extra box of Easter egg coloring stuff, so I picked up some extra eggs at the market and boiled them on Saturday afternoon. It turns out that my in-laws didn't make it that night, and then we all got sick anyway, so we didn't get around to eggs. Until last night.

Last night we got out the egg dyes, and the eggs, and coloroed eggs. It was fun, and kinda neat to do it in June. Taisim got into it too - she loved putting the eggs in the color. She also likes cracking the eggs, but doesn't enjoy eating them.

Taipan likes to put all the eggs in, and then continuously check them to see if they're done. And when he took the first batch out, we put the second round of eggs in and had one cup empty, so he decided to double-color an egg. Once he realized he could do that he was taking eggs in and out of colors.

We had fun for about 30 or 40 minutes until he dropped one of the eggs when he was pulling it out of the cup. It cracked. He wanted it fixed. We couldn't fix it. But it did give me the opportunity to tell him all about Humpty Dumpty and show him pictures and tell him how even the kings strongest and best men (or horses) couldn't fix that egg. It seemed to help him get past not being able to fix the egg. And cracking that egg was the end of egg coloring last night. He didn't want to do it anymore after that. But this morning he wanted to crack, peel and eat one - specifically the one that cracked last night.

After eggs we ate dinner and went outside to play, wrote a welcome message on our driveway for Elyse, Jason, Grandma & Grandpa (I think Yuta snapped a picture in case the rain comes before they get here), and then walked over to our community playground.

Both kids tried new things - there was another boy about Taipan's age who was much more adventerous about climbing and hanging on things, and that boy was hanging on some bars. Well, after watching him a bit Taipan decided he wanted to try hanging too. He wasn't up for dropping on his own, but he enjoyed hanging from the bars.

And Taisim was playing on the slides when she realized she could climb up them! She had tried before, but wearing soft shoes, so it was too slippery. Last night she was wearing her Vans and was able to go up the slide. Boy did she love that. Up and down, up and down, over and over. Then she saw an older girl climbing up a rope ladder kind of thing (kinda like this one, but all metal, and only about three feet tall) and decided that she could climb it too. The first time she did it I was on the other side of the playground, and I ran to get her right as her foot slipped at the top. She tried once or twice more with minor assistance from me, and after that she was able to do it on her own. Of course, I was a bit too nervous to leave her unattended on it, but I'll bet the next time we go there she'll be doing it on her own with me no where near.

It was a nice night. Today we might go pick strawberries - we'll have to see how the afternooon shapes up. We're planning to go to Ama & Akon's for dinner, but hopefully we'll get to pick berries on the way.

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