Monday, June 4, 2007

Our weekend

Ah, I feel like I should post about our weekend, though it was kinda low key, which was actually really nice.

So, what'd we do? Well, I'll start with Saturday, since I can't remember Friday. We had planned to go to Stan Hywet to see the treehouse display they have set up. But we didn't make it; the treehouses are on display until October, so we have plenty of time. The kids were up late on Friday night, and we all seemed to feel like sticking close to home.

So we filled up our little pool with water, and Taisim and I splashed and played for about an hour. Taipan didn't feel like going outside, so he stayed in and played with his cars and some computer games.

When we came in, Yuta took a nap (he'd gotten up super early to pick his parents up from the airport). Then he woke up, and Taisim and I got to nap!

We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon playing at home, mostly inside, though Taisim did spend a few minutes outside in the rain. We made pasta for dinner and called it an early night. Except for Yuta, who went to our friends' house to watch the Cavs beat the Pistons for the Eastern Conference Championship.

On Sunday Yuta had to work, so the kids and I were on our own for most of the day. We woke up late (Taipan woke at 9:15, and Taisim at 9:45), had a late breakfast, played cars and trucks and and games at We went outside and played 'tennis' and threw balls around the yard.

Around 1:30 we decided to take our quarters and go to the mall to "do the cars", which means ride the coin-operated vehicles that are near the play area. They've got a purple race car, a yellow motorcycle, a fire engine, helicopter, train & roller coaster. Taipan and Taisim love doing this. The last time the kids were at the mall was when Taisim hurt her arm, but she wasn't wary of climbing anything this time around.

We also stopped and got smoothies at DQ, bought Akon his birthday present, and bought Yuta a Cavs Eastern Conference Championship t-shirt - I got the last large in the store, and made quite a few people angry. Then we met Yuta at Friday's for dinner, walked to Target to get diapers (and a few Hot Wheels), then came home. Both the kids were asleep when we got home at 8:30. Silly me thought that meant early bedtimes for everyone. I was wrong! Taipan woke up when I unbuckled his seat. Taisim stayed asleep coming in, then woke up around 10pm to play. We were all up until midnight. Yawn.

The kids have been playing a lot of Hullabaloo lately, which is a lot of fun. Taisim even gets in on it, mostly be copying the motions that Taipan is doing. Yuta tried to get some video of it this morning, but as soon as the camera was on she stopped. Of course.

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