Friday, September 26, 2008

Going back a few weeks #1

We're back from NY - we actually got back last Sunday, and I took Mon-Thursday off to hand out with the kids and Yuta. Today I'm back at work. And tomorrow Yuta starts at the Apple Store. He's still a little worried about the scheduling, but hopefully he'll feel better after the weekend.

The wedding was beautiful - everything about it seemed just about perfect. Yuli & Keith were dazzling, the ceremony was great, and the reception was amazing. I was impressed with the attention to detail and how well everthing came together. I'll post pics from our trip soon, but first I want to get a few older posts out of my queue.

About a month ago Taipan asked to go to the mall with the "bouncing things" ... I thought he meant the bungee/trampoline jumping kiosk that was set up at a mall in Strongsville a year and a half ago - he didn't jump on it, but his cousins did during a visit, and I figured something triggered that memory and he wanted to give it a try. So we went to that mall, and it wasn't there. I happened to be at a different mall a week or so later and saw it. I was so excited, so I took the kids to go to the bungee/trampoline jumping.

We got to the mall, I showed it to the kids, and neither wanted to do it. I thought maybe Taipan just wanted to watch, so we got a snack nearby and waited to see if anyone would come do it. No one came, and Taipan said, "Ok, where's the bouncing things?" "Um, isn't this it?" Turns out that no, that wasn't what he meant. What he meant was the coin operated vehicles at the mall that move back and forth, and kind of bounch and jiggle their passengers around (which they also did with their cousins at the other mall). So we went to find those ... unfortunately only one was working, but we did that a few times.

On our way out, we walked past the bungee/trampoline thing, and some older kids were just paying to jump, so we sat and watched them, and as soon as Taisim saw what it was all about she wanted to try too. So she jumped, Taipan watched, and then we headed to the play area, where my kids played their official first game of tag with some other kids that were there. We play chasing games a lot, but never tag.

Here are the pics from that mall trip. The one with Taipan upside down was accompanied by him saying, "Hey! The play area's upside down now."

(Elyse & Jason, I thought you'd especially like the ones of Taisim bouncing ... it reminds me of the video I have of you both doing the same thing.)

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