Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yuli and Keith's Wedding - September 20

Now a few words are posted ...

Taipan and Taisim posing and playing before the ceremony. They were ringbearer and flower girl .... I didn't get pics of that because I was helping them down the aisle.

The ceremony - Yuta officiated and was fabulous. I've mentioned before how beautiful everything was - you can see for yourself how nice the setting was. And the weather was perfect too.

From left to right:
cousin Jim, cousin Danny, Uncle & Auntie from Gainesville, Auntie from CA, and cousin Hiro.

Taipan playing with Yuta's bowtie. Yuta just learned how to tie a bowtie the morning of the ceremony ... I tried to figure it out too, but wasn't any help. Taipan wasn't interested in being in photos :-)

Taisim with Mrs. Yuli Fisher!


Sandra Dodd said...

Wedding pictures are something special. People are transformed, more often than not, and the photos can come to be important to generations far from now. I love wedding photos, and I looked at these thinking of twenty years from now, and fifty.

christina said...

Hello Karen,

I stumbled upon your site after having seen pictures of Yuli and Keith's wedding on several wedding blogs, then google searching the couple for more info. on their wedding! Her wedding pictures were so inspiring and I am in love with her dress. I was wondering if you happen to know the name of the designer for Yuli's wedding gown? Her dress is my vision of perfect! Thanks for any info and have a great day. By the way, your children are adorable! -Christina.

kcbhsu said...

Hi Christina, I emailed Yuli and the designer is Cymbeline, and the style is beaute.

Good luck!

christina said...

Karen, Thanks so much for the info! If Yuli is by any chance interested in selling her dress please do let me know. i would be very interested. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Christina.