Sunday, September 28, 2008

Puddle play Sept 13 2008

This is just a couple of weeks ago ... the day before we lost our power. We'd had a decent amount of rain, and it cleared up on Saturday afternoon and it left a puddle in the street in front of our house. I suggested to Taipan, Taisim and our friends that were over, that we head outside and look for puddles.

They liked to stomp and splash, and were a little tentative at first - careful not to get too wet. They wanted to make footprints with the water, but the sidewalk was too wet, so I went inside to get some construction paper and our camera, and came back out to see them swimming in the puddle.

After we finished with our puddle we walked around the neighborhood to find more puddles to splash in. We all had a lot of fun ... I think this is the most carefree Taipan has been in puddles; usually he's not much into getting his clothes wet, but he didn't mind at all on this day.

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