Monday, September 3, 2007

Family dance class (and Taipan's haircut)

Tonight was our first family dance class. A mom in one of the local homeschool groups is a dance teacher and started an hour-long family dance class. Given how much dancing we do around here, and how much the kids love learning new dances I thought we'd give it a try.

The kids had a wonderful time, though it wasn't quite what I was expecting. We did a dance with scarves (no, not a veil dance), some animal imitations, a bubble song, a song with hula hoops and a lot of other movement dances.

The teacher (Miss Leesa) holds another class before ours for 4-6 year olds, and they do tap/ballet/movement. Next week we might take Taipan early to see if he enjoys that class as well. We're sticking with the family class no matter what.

Oh, in the pictures you might notice that Taipan's hair is shorter. On Saturday night he put lotion in his hair (to copy Taisim, who had a mess of lotion in her hair) and said, "Look! The hair's out of my eyes." So I asked him if he wanted me to cut it and he said yes, and that he wanted me to cut it all, not just the front. So, yes, I'm beginning a second career as a children's hair stylist. For the next cut I think I'll take him to a professional.

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