Monday, September 10, 2007

September 8th

Taipan enjoyed ice skating so much last year that we decided to see if he would want to have skating lessons. Of course, being the prudent consumers we are, we figured we'd go to an open skate to see if he still really wanted to skate. Best laid plans and all, Taisim fell asleep on the way there, so Karen went in with Taipan while I drove around Northeast Ohio giving Taisim a decent nap. It ended up being a short trip, as though they both had ice skates on, Taipan was content just watching other people skate. So no ice skating lessons this year. Anyways, here's a cute pic...

Later that evening, Karen was on her Mom's Night Out, so the kids and I played around at home. They had bought some feather boas the last time they were at Target, and they've gotten some good use. Here are the kiddos dancing to The Police, all alight in glasses and boas.

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