Monday, September 10, 2007

Football Kickoff 2007!

September 9th was the home opener of the Cleveland Browns vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers, so football season had arrived (granted, there was a game Thursday night, but it just doesn't seem right starting football season on a Thursday). We decided to watch the home opener at my parents' house since they're out of town, and they have cable :) The game left a lot to be desired, but my family was the cutest bunch of Browns fans! We also had fun with some oversized stuffed animals.

After the debacle usually known as a football game, we headed home and started on our own little project called "Styrofoam Cleanup." We brought the shopvac from the garage to the loft, and started sucking (much like the Browns). Of course, the kiddos wanted to help.

Here's hoping the Cleveland Browns get their act together soon. They've got too much talent to be so bad, and it's going to be a tough schedule. If anything, they can only get better... they couldn't get much worse than Sunday. GO BROWNS!

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