Sunday, September 2, 2007

Saturday - Marblehead and the evil rock

We wanted to do a family outing on Saturday, and we suggested the zoo.... and Taipan suggested Train-o-Rama. So we headed to Marblehead to see trains.

We took a picnic to eat at the park by the Marblehead lighthouse, where we could eat by the lake and see the rollercoasters of Cedar Point across the bay.

We got to the park and ate our lunch - it was a beautiful day. While we were eating the kids noticed people walking on the huge rocks that go along the lakeshore. There are some that aren't too close to the beach or the water, and the kids ran up to walk on them.

We were amazed at how adventurous the kids were. Taipan climbed right up and didn't just walk from rock to rock, but jumped! Taisim climbed up without hesitation as well, though (thankfully) she realized that she should hold onto a hand to keep her balance. They went back and forth along two sets of rocks for quite a while.

Then we heard something smack the rocks, and a scream from Taipan. Well, it turns out Taipan had fallen off one of the rocks - this is a picture Yuta took right before Taipan fell.

Of course neither of us was looking, so we're not sure exactly what happened. He got a pretty bad scrape on his ear, which was red and swollen for a bit.

We offered various things to help him feel better, but he kept saying, "A doctor's appointment will make me feel better. That's all." Off and on last night and this morning he'd mention that he doesn't like playing on high rocks. And apparently the ear injury is affecting his ability to do somersaults because he keeps telling me that he doesn't feel like doing somersaults anymore because his ear hurts. Though he forgot, because he was, indeed, doing somersaults again this morning.

All is well with the boy, but he's a bit traumatized by the experience. I think it'll pass quickly though.

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