Saturday, September 15, 2007

Johnny Appleseed Festival

I guess fall is here. The high today is supposed to be 58, and it was in the 40s overnight. Quite chilly when the sun is behind the clouds. I think it will warm up again over the next week, but the cool weather is a reminder that fall is on its way.

Today we took the kids to the Johnny Appleseed Festival at Mapleside Farms. It's pretty cool - they have a neat treehouse/slide/hay area for the kids to play in, and it also has a small corn maze. And there's a huge inflated slide, which the kids didn't really want to try out, though Taipan did spend some time in the bounce house underneath the slide.

The festival has about 80 vendors and horses, and face painting and music and food. We looked at tie-dye shirts for the kids, and the play area. We didn't get to see much else. I had fun with the kids, but as we were leaving I thought it might be a nice place to visit without the kids too.

On the way out we stopped and bagged half a bushel of apples. Taipan wants to make apple pie and applesauce like we did last year. I think we'll do the much easier applesauce first. We also got some yummy cinnamon donuts and a huge bag of popcorn.

We're hoping to go apple picking withing the next month or so. There is a a small orchard not too far from our house that we picked apples at last year, and I'd like to go there again.

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