Thursday, October 2, 2008

Littletree Orchards - September 22

On our drive home from Hancock, we decided to stop by Littletree Orchards in Newfield, NY. I'd say it was probably 30 mins off of our route, and from our approach seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. When we left we detoured to Ithaca, and realized that the orchard wasn't quite as isolated as it seemed at first.

I found this place when I was researching things to do near or on the way to Hancock. I wanted to check it out because they grow many different fruits (vs. just apples), and they also have fields where you can pick your own flowers.

We got there, got our map, and were told that it wasn't a great year for flowers, but we could go check them out. We also found out where the ripe apples were, and saw that they also had peaches or pears available (I think - but now that I type it, it doesn't sound quite right). We decided to walk to the orchards, and based on that, we choose the closest picking areas, which were all apples.

So first we picked some flowers (I didn't have any water for them during the drive, and by the time we got back home they were pretty limp. After a night in water they perked up a bit and we got a week of enjoyment from them):

As soon as we got to the apple trees the kids wanted on to eat:

And then I did most of the picking - most of the good apples were up high. We did find a couple that were right at Taipan's height:

The kids want to make apple pie, so I'm hoping that I haven't put it off too long, and that our apples will be good to bake a pie tomorrow night (for company that is coming Saturday). If we have enough apples I might make some apple sauce too ... though I think we might go to a local orchard to get more apples for sauce.

We also got some pumpkins and yummy, fresh apple donuts at the orchard. It was a nice way to break up the drive home.

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