Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Art & Halloween package

After I finished work yesterday the kids and I were heading outside to look for rocks to paint, and when we opened the garage door we saw a package from Grammy; it was a Halloween package with Halloween shirts and foamie stickers for the kids, and some cool painted ghosts & a pumpkin candy dish for me.

The kids wanted to put their shirts on right away, so we did. And then our plan changed from rock hunting to park playing. So we walked to our neighborhood park, picking up rocks on the way there, and leaves on the way back.

When we got home we got out the paint and had lots of fun painting on paper, leaves, hands and rocks. Then we got out the foamies and made more pictures.

We wanted to do a picture to send to Grammy, then I realized it'd be kinda hard to fold up and mail without losing a lot of the foamies, so we took pictures of all of our art so Grammy could see how much we liked playing with the gifts she sent.

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