Monday, October 22, 2007


The weather here over the weekend was beautiful. Sunny, warm, nice breeze. Couldn't ask for better weather in the midwest at the end of October.

We took advantage of it and went to Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens to see their Tremendous Treehouses exhibit. The grounds are absolutely beautiful, and if I were planning a wedding in Cleveland it'd be at the top of my list of places to have it.

They arranged for about ten architects/artists to build treehouses on their grounds, and they're all spread out - we saw five of them I think. The kids liked the pirate ship and musical treehouses the best.

We also checked out the conservatory, which had three model trains (g gauge) set up - two were working, and that was a nice surprise for Taipan.

All of the walking was really tough on Yuta's knee. He iced it when we got home, and then again last night. Today he's planning to call the doctor back and will most likely get an MRI.

Our camera started losing battery, but we got a few pics at Stan Hywet. It'll probably take us a few months to post them, but keep checking - they'll be here eventually :-)
(Y: And it only took 13 hours this time!)

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Jennifer said...

I have heard of this but hadn't seen pics of this until now. Thanks for posting them, that looks like so much fun!!!!