Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No new posts?

Yeah, so no real reason we haven't blogged lately. Everyone's fine. Yuta's knee is back to 75% or so. He finishes his course of prednisone tomorrow, and hopefully all will be well.

My obsession today is Beautiful Katamari. It was released Monday for the XBOX 360 and Yuta picked it up yesterday. My, what fun! I wanted to have a game that I enjoyed playing with Taipan, and I enjoy this one a lot. Taipan also enjoys it, so I haven't gotten as much play time is as I'd like!

Yuta's excited about the Indians. He's been watching the games here. What? You didn't hear? We have TV again! About a week ago I rearranged our loft and brought out the old tv that was sitting unplugged in the corner of our bedroom. The plan is to hook the xbox up to that tv instead of the computer monitor. We ordered a Fuf chair so we'll have a comfy place to hang out on in the loft. Right now it's the floor or hard desk chairs. I can't wait for the Fuf to get here; I think it'll take 3-4 weeks.

Yuta's got pictures I know he's been wanting to post, so keep checking. Every day this week he's intended to do it, but life's gotten in the way.

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