Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween fun

A while ago Taipan said he wanted to be a pumpkin for Halloween. I asked him a few times and the answer was always the same, so we got pumpkin costumes for both of the kids. As Halloween got closer Taipan said he wanted to be a dog. Then a dinosaur. I wasn't sure exactly what he'd want to dress up as today.

Turns out, nothing. I wasn't too surprised about that. He did want to wear a Halloween shirt though.

A friend of ours had a party tonight, and when we got there Taipan was eager to go trick or treating, so we gathered the kids and left the house. Taisim didn't feel like wearing her costume or shoes, so we headed out without costumes on the kids.

Yuta and I were dressed up though:

The first house we went to had a mask from the movie Scream that shot out fog or smoke. And that was the end of trick or treating for us. As soon as the mask let out the smoke Taipan was ready to go to the van. Taisim and Yuta headed to another house, but as soon as Taisim realized that Taipan and I weren't here she wanted to head back inside too.

The kids had a blast playing once the other kids finished trick or treating. At first Taipan was disappointed because our friend's house ran out of candy, so he only had one piece :-( But he soon got past it. Taisim also had one piece of candy, and seemed fine with just the one.

He ended up spending a lot of time playing with a motion-activated witch - here's a picture of him posing with it:

And here's a picture of what they would have been had they wanted to wear their costumes tonight (I took this on Sunday when I was making sure the costumes were clean & fit them ok):

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