Monday, October 8, 2007

Quick update

Yuta and I have been kinda busy lately, thus no blog postings. My craziness is work. Yuta's is beating HALO 3 (which he did last night in the solo campaign mode) - woot! for Yuta. Here's what's happening with my three favorite people:

Taipan - really enjoying the XBOX 360. We have demo versions of Thrillville and Katamari. The games don't come out for another week, but we'll probably get one of them on release day, and another around the holidays. We went to a train show at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds on Saturday, and he loved getting more videos of rides and trains.

Taisim - also enjoyed the train show, but for different reasons. She liked being outside and playing with the gravel and testing out differences between walking on asphalt vs. grass vs. rocks. And jumping from concrete surfaces to grass and sidewalks. She said what we think is her longest sentence yet last night. "I'm going to throw these keys, ok?" I'm not sure many people other than me and Yuta would have understood, but we totally got it. And she threw the keys!

Yuta - has a bum knee (I can't figure out any way to link that to xbox playing - can anyone else?). It's been bugging him for about a week now, and over the weekend we noticed how swollen it's gotten. He went to the doctor this afternoon who told him it's too swollen for an MRI, so Yuta now has a brace he'll wear, and he'll continue to ice it. Once the swelling goes down he can go for an MRI.

That's it for now.

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