Saturday, October 4, 2008

Decorating for Halloween

We started putting out our Halloween decorations a couple of weeks ago - Taipan asked me to get them out a day or two before we left for New York. So we found some stuff, put it up, and saved a little bit for later. I don't have any pictures of the more breakable things, but we've also got a lot of great ceramic decorations that my mom has made for us over the years.

Just last weekend we made some ghosts to put on our tree:

These are the pumpkins we got at the Littletree Orchards on our way home from NY:

Window clings on our storm door. We have more on our back sliding glass door:

Lighted pumpkins ... I've wanted to get these for a couple of years, but didn't think I had any place to put them. Now we have a different house, with some more shelf space, so I got two lighted pumpkins at Target this year:

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