Friday, October 10, 2008

LENSC - October 5 2008

I'm almost current on my posts :-) This is from last weekend. The kids and I went to the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center. We decided to go here because the kids were wanting to see turtles. You'll see below that there are turtles here, and visitors are also allowed to touch them (just not pick them up).

I think most of the animals at LENSC were brought there for rehabilitation. They've got foxes, owls, a vulture, a raccoon, deer, turkeys, hawks, a bald eagle, rabbits, and inside they've got a tide pool, snakes and fish. It's a neat place.

The also have a planetarium, and they leave the entry way open during the hours that the center is open, and 4-5 times a week they have shows. The ones that are geared toward a younger set are at 11am or noon .... and we don't usually get places before noon. Even on the days where we wake up fairly early, it takes us a while to get out the door. I'm hoping though that circumstances will align (right day, right time, right moods) to get out the door for one of the shows over the next couple of months. The kids were *very* interested in going inside the planetarium and seeing stars.

Taipan checking out the turtles, and Taisim in the entryway to the planetarium - we all liked to see our clothes glowing:

A volunteer with a barred owl, and the kids by the pond - the pond and the bridge were Taisim's favorite thing:

The raccoon (probably their favorite animal to see), and a bunny:

Outside there are paths, and we took a walk on a shorter, circular loop ..... the weather was beautiful, and Taipan enjoyed being able to go ahead a bit:

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