Friday, October 31, 2008

Lasers and flying

Earlier this week the kids and I made a trip to Target. Our shopping list included a birthday gift for a friend. I had some ideas in mind, but wasn't quite sure what we were going to get. While browsing the games I saw a what looked like a neat game - Laser Battle. It comes with two laser guns, and the goal is to get your laser to hit your opponent's target tower. It also has a bunch of mirrors to use to angle the laser to the target.

I've mentioned the Contraptions game before, and in that game there are lasers and mirrors and laser mixers and laser activated something-or-others ... and when Taipan saw a game that has real live lasers he was very excited. So excited that we brought the game home for us (there was only one copy, and Yuta came up with a better idea for our friend anyway). As soon as we got home Taipan was eager to show Yuta and open up the game and play. Not play according to the rules, but rather check out the lasers and see how they reacted to the mirrors and how the target towers work. It'd be really cool if we had a fog machine and could see the laser beam in between the mirrors:

And here's a photo of the kids flying - each one climbs on one of Yuta's arms, and then he stands up while they flap their arms. It's a blast. I feel fortunate to have a husband that is so good at lifting and running and throwing and bouncing and jumping with the kids. He seems to have neverending energy sometimes - he can go way longer at this type of play than I can. I get sore and tired much quicker.

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