Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Taisim's foot and other stuff

I realized today that I haven't posted in almost 3 weeks. We've been keeping pretty busy ... working and playing. We've really been enjoying our lives!

We recently inherited great hand-me-down toys from two different families, and the kids have loved them. One friend gave us a bounce house! It is perfect for our unfinished basement, and is a great way for the kids to jump and bounce. They really like throwing things (soft things) in and out of it - stuffed animals and beach balls really.

We also were given a small drum kit - it's made for kids by First Act and a friend of ours was done with it, and Taipan always enjoyed it at her house, so she sent us home with it the other day. Taipan and Taisim both love it. The same friend has a full size drum kit, and Taipan would ideally have one of those, and we'll definitely consider it once he outgrows this small set.

Ok - about Taisim's foot. Last Thursday night she and Taipan were jumping off of our ottomans (as they often do), and Taisim landed wrong. I wasn't home, and Yuta didn't see it, but by the way she screamed out and the subsequent crying let us know that something was wrong. I got home about ten minutes after she got hurt, and she was still wimpering and couldn't walk on it. On Friday morning she still wasn't walking on it, so we decided to take her to our doctor. He sent us for x-rays, and after getting them he suggested we go to a pediatric orthopedist, and his office made an appointment for us for Monday morning.

So, Taisim and I got up bright and early (much earlier than we normally do) to go to the orthopedist yesterday. He looked at her x-rays and said she had a buckle, which would have been a break in an adult, but since her bones are more flexible it just kind of buckled.

Given how well she was walking by the time we went to our appointment he said that a boot would be overkill, and he could give her a stiff shoe for comfort. I suggested that if it was for comfort only then we could probably skip it - she has found a way to walk and even run a bit that doesn't bother her too much. I think battling with her to keep the shoe on would cause more distress than walking on her foot. The doctor said he was ok with that if we were ok with that. We go back in 4-5 weeks for another x-ray, and that's that! He also said it might take a month or two for her to walk without the limp. I'm glad we took her, and even more happy that there's not a serious problem.

Tonight we may go to the pool, or we might carve pumpkins. It's cold and wet and rainy here, so we may just hunker down at home and not do much of anything.

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Elyse said...

I'm glad Taisim did not brake her foot bone!