Friday, July 6, 2007

Getting ready for a trip

We'll be spending the weekend getting ready for a trip to Chicago. I have meetings there on Tuesdsay, Wednesday & Thursday of next week, and next Friday happens to be my Nonna's 94th birthday. My mom is flying to Chicago on Thursday to see her mom on her birthday.

Because of the timing with my mom being there and it being my grandmother's birthday, we decided to take a family trip so that we could stay until Saturday and spend some time with my mom and Nonna.

I'm glad everyone's going, but I'm a bit stressed right now thinking about making sure I'm able to get our the door and to my meetings on time. Since I work from home I have a very flexible schedule in the mornings and never have to be presentable for work. So I think it's going to be a bit hard on the kids (and therefore Yuta), overall it'll be fun. While we're there I think Yuta's going to make a trip to the Apple Store to get a long-awaited taste of the iPhone, and will probably also take the kids to teh Museum of Science and Industry.

Unfortunately I don't think this trip will allow us time to see any friends :-(, but we're going back again at Thanksgiving, so hopefully we'll have some time then.

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