Thursday, July 12, 2007

Second update from Chicago

Hi everyone. Today is my last day of meetings in Chicago and things have gone very well. I was a bit worried about getting out the door with the kids here, but the kids and Yuta have been wonderful.

We got here around 5:30CT on Monday, and decided to have my absolute favorite pizza delivered for dinner (stuffed spinach, ideally from Carmen's, but ours this week was from Giordano's). On Tuesday everyone woke up around 6:30 (the sun rises earlier here than at home), and ate breakfast together and then I left. The kids protested, but it was pretty ok. Wednesday morning was not so easy. Taipan was very upset, and Taisim woke up right as I was walking out the door, so she was peeved too. As I was leaving I said, "Taipan, I love you!" and he said, "No. Mama doesn't love me." It made me sad.

(Y: Taipan really didn't mean that in the literal sense, he tends to contradict what he thinks he doesn't want to do... "No. Mama doesn't love me." was followed with "Mama wants to stay here." Wednesday ended up being a pretty good adventure, even with the sad start. We did end up going to the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL, and I think we all had a great time! They had at least 10 barns full of cable cars, streetcars, and trains dating back to 1900! Some we could climb in and explore, though most were in some state of restoration. I never realized how HUGE train locomotives can be... some of the steam engines had drive wheels at least 10 ft in diameter!)

First railroad crossing to get to the main grounds

"Look Papa, it's a Chicago Trolley just like ours!"

And of course, he's right.

Just like James Coffey's song says, you gotta Stop, Look, and Listen!

"Papa, it's a Union Pacific!"

"Look Papa! A Santa Fe just like ours!"

In the Engineer's seat of the Santa Fe

The huge diesel engine of the Santa Fe

"It's a handcar Papa!"

"Papa, I think that's a GG-1"... and of course, it is.

"Papa, is that a streamliner?"... impressed I say "No, but it's a close cousin called the Electroliner"

I always wanted to drive a big train!
FYI, Taipan took this picture.

Just to give you an idea of the size of some of these steam locomotives... and this is a medium-sized one.

We got back and had a wonderful time telling Mama all about our adventure. The evening was pretty uneventful, with us playing some games and exlporing the Hyatt's fitness room. FYI, fitness equipment such as treadmills and eliptical machines can make exciting toys... assuming no one else is actually trying to exercise :)

Last night I had a team dinner and got back to the hotel around 10:15, and everyone was awake, so it was a late night for everyone. When I was leaving for dinner the kids waved goodbye to me from our hotel room window, which overlooks the parking lot (quite a view!), and they were excited about that, so this morning when I left Taipan seemed to be ok with it because he got to wave good-bye out the window. I just wish we had thought to do that on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Tonight we're switching hotels. My mom should have arrived this morning and should be at my Nonna's place. We're hoping to see them tonight. Tomorrow I think we're going to see The Great Train Story at the Museum of Science and Industry.

All in all, a good week so far!

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